Wednesday, 10 September 2014

A Little Bit of Altering..........

I had recently come up with the idea to create a top hat using an old book...........well my toddler had other ideas!

I started off with an old book and removed the cover, after finding the exact middle of the book I started folding the pages in towards the centre of the spine, half one way and half the other.

Then after all of this folding and a few very sore fingers, I connected the first and last pages together using Ranger's Glue 'N' Seal (this is my new favourite adhesive.......... even starting to like it better than matte medium).

I started making what was going to be the brim, thats when my 2 year old had other ideas for what I was working on. He had gotten to some of my inks and decided to paint the brim that I was working on a nice shade of green and blue.

I think someone is going to be a artist then they get older and as much as I want to nurture this creative side of him, I don't want him to think that he can make modifications to Mummy's art work!!!

So I scrapped the idea of a top hat and decided to create a Halloween Themed Pedestal!

Here is what I came up with as my final result...........

and a few close up pictures........

I got most of the bits and pieces from my local craft store, and made the broom stick from a twig off a tree in my yard and some jute string. The bottles are from the Tim Holtz ideology collection and are filled with watered down acrylic paint and the small one has black glitter and white glue in it.

I am quite happy with how this turned out........despite it is nothing like what I originally had intended to make.


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